Dr. Amy ParrisHello, and welcome!

I’m Dr. Amy Parris, a mental health care provider specializing in couples and relationship therapy, as well as individual therapy, for adults of all backgrounds and ages. I strive to provide an open, authentic space for you to find safety and motivation to put in the difficult emotional work needed to gain insight into yourself and create the life you want.

If you’re currently struggling with:

  • Creating intimacy or repairing trust in your relationship
  • Building a solid foundation for marriage
  • Depression, anxiety, or C-PTSD
  • A history of abuse, trauma or addiction
  • A history of emotional neglect
  • Building or maintaining a healthy family dynamic

You’re in the right place. I am ready to help you find a true sense of who you are, and gain insight into how you have been shaped by your past experiences, and how previous traumas and unhealthy patterns are influencing your life today. By understanding how these dynamics continue to play out over and over, you can challenge them, begin to heal, and create real, lasting change.

The journey to self awareness is not always easy. During my doctorate program, I was fortunate to be trained to use “My Outcomes,” a psychological measuring and client tracking system created by Scott Miller, PhD and Barry Duncan, PhD. I find this an incredibly effective tool in my practice, because it helps my clients measure their progress and outcomes. I want you to know if you are improving or not. This approach has the added benefit of allowing me to continue to improve as your therapist, which is enormously important to me and ensures I am constantly growing, learning, and adapting your therapy right alongside you.

My educational background includes:

  • Doctorate in Behavioral Health
  • Master of Science in Social Work
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Indiana; previously held licenses in Texas and New Mexico
  • Master of Science in Library Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition
  • Completion of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course at Mindfulness at the Center, Indianapolis, Indiana, with Kathleen Beck-Coon, M.D.
  • Completion of Relational Life Level 1 training course with bestselling author and relationship expert, Terry Real, L.C.S.W.
  • Completion of Healing Our Core Issues I & II: Treatment of Developmental and Relational Trauma with Dr. Rick A. Butts, LPCC-S, SEP and Jan Bergstrom, LMHC, SEP, founders of Healing Our Core Issues Institute
  • Developmental and Relational Trauma Therapist (DARTT)
  • Somatic Approaches to Healing Trauma Course with Dr. Albert Wong, PhD.
  • Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief training with David Kessler
  • Doctoral practicum completed at La Familia Medical Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico, including case collaboration and observation with psychiatrist, Jan Fawcett, M.D.